Volunteers Required for the Path Improvement Works

Posted by CBAG on August 23, 2017

Following up on our previous post (24th July), we can confirm that the planned path improvement works between North End and the Creel Inn are going ahead as planned. Quite a few people have previously confirmed their availability for Saturday 26th August, so hopefully that is still the case!

We put up some notices in the area on Monday, and this evening we started with the surface prep work.

The top soil and turf will arrive this Friday (25th) afternoon, and it would be great if around six to eight able-bodied individuals could report at North End at 17:30 with (steel) wheelbarrows (if you have one) and spades to spread out the top soil along the path. This should take no more than an hour, so we can be in the Creel for a couple of pints at 18:30 😉.

On Saturday (26th) morning, starting around 9:30, we will be laying the turf and installing the protective mesh. For this work we are looking for around eight volunteers, to be split into two groups. The idea is that we start in the middle of the path and lay out towards each end. If you have any of the following tooling, please bring:

  • (Steel) wheelbarrows to move the rolls of turf
  • Spades/rakes
  • Lawn edgers to cut the turf
  • Decent pliers to cut the protective mesh (the rolls need to be cut in half lengthwise)
  • Rubber mallets to hammer in the pegs which secure the mesh

Please let us know in advance whether you are able to make it on Friday and/or Saturday, as this will help greatly with the planning.

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