Coastal erosion due to high tides and large waves

Posted by CBAG on February 11, 2024

High tides combined with large waves have caused significant coastal erosion at Catterline Bay over the last few days, as can be seen on these videos.

Catterline Bay is relatively sheltered, but vulnerable to high tides combined with large waves from an Easterly direction. The original sea defences (rock filled gabion baskets) were destroyed by extreme weather in December 2012. Although the shingle beach provides some level of protection, the wave runup causes irreversible erosion of the cliff toe, ultimately undermining the stability of the slope itself.

CBAG commissioned a coastal erosion study in 2022, aiming to underpin the observations with science, in order to define the “business case” to support future funding applications for a suitable coastal protection solution. The study confirmed that extreme events cause localised erosion and contribute to long-term changes. Data collection is ongoing and the next steps are yet to be defined.

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